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Jeweler’s Mark

A fictional thriller that reveals true secrets of the jewelry trade, Jeweler’s Mark is the story of a jewelry appraiser and artisan—with a passion for sailing the Chesapeake Bay—who becomes entangled with an underground investment syndicate, whose profits hinge on murder.The first in the Crook Brook series by Vincent Lash, Jeweler’s Mark weaves suspense and humor into a provocative tale laced with eye-opening—and sometimes startling—facts about the world of jewels.An exciting story—and yet in the end, the reader will be a wiser buyer and seller of jewelry.

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Wholesalers on the road, carrying suitcases full of jewelry inventory, are being robbed and murdered at an alarmingly increased rate. In and around Washington and Baltimore matters worsen so that jewelry appraisers—mistaken as wholesalers—are added to the growing list of victims. While FBI and police agencies are consumed with preventing terrorist attacks, Colombian gangs, known for their crimes against American jewelers, are working overtime—until even Trustum Crook finds himself struggling to survive.

“I’m telling you, what everybody thinks is the oldest profession puts the cart before the horse … because whoever the very first person in history was to do this thing surely had to have done it for jewelry. That’s why I always say, the jewelry trade is ahead of prostitution—though not by far,” said Trustum Crook.


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